Various links are used within this site. Most of them are collated and categorised below for reference and convenience. This is not intended to represent a comprehensive selection of all the possible entries in these categories; they have been selected because they support or a referenced from other parts of this site.

The contents of this page is generated automatically from the database of links used by other pages. It is based on the way the links were categorised for convenience, so don't take the categorisation as authoritative when it's really only administrative.

Welding links

Anything I've collected about arc welding.
Arc welding tutorial
Dictionary of welding terms
UK Welding jobs site

Links to Organ Information

Various links collected whilst I was researching the pipe organ project.
Description of tonal structure of organ pipes
Description of how organ flue pipes make their sound
Pipe construction illustrations
Pipe construction illustration
A simple organ pipe
The flue organ pipe

Internal Links

Internal references (within this site). Most aren't covered yet but will be added here Comprehensiveness was not a goal for this list, it's automatically produced and isn't yet (it may never be) a substitute for a site map. as editing continues.
Internal link to how-to-use a 6in1 USB cardreader
A DAB radio antenna
How to set up a Conexant PCI ADSL modem on Debian Sarge 2.6

Other Links

Anything that doesn't fit into other categories.
Evening Star Steam Locomotive
Linux logrotate bug